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Make Your Community Contributions

Posted in Online community with tags , , on August 13, 2009 by qubefiona

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This made me chuckle.

Although the above is a monetary contributions tally it made me think about the wider contributions that are made – or not made – to communities online and how this results so often in a fail.

I myself have joined ‘communities’, both branded and non branded ones, excited by the potential life enhancing role it will play for me.  A month, or even sometimes just a week down the line, my discussions topics or comment contributions  are left languishing in a dark and quiet corner of cyberspace.  I have no idea how many community profiles i have out there and sadly i can’t think of one online community that i am consistently in touch with.  Maybe its partly my fault (spreading myself too thinly online is a weakness :-)) but i can’t help but think if only more was done to conjole me into community life that something would have stuck on both our parts.

I think even if you succeed in getting people in to your community – a feat in itself –  it takes time, creativity and focus to keep them interested and committed community members.

You need to constantly think “what can i give back to my community, how can i add value to their lives, how can i reward their participation and continue to keep them involved”

That old cliche “you get back what you put in” should be a big part of the strategic planning behind a community.