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Bad jokes are almost as good as good ones (Twiday)

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The Qubites favrouite tweets from the past week.

@glennw’s favourite tweets

@TheGreatBundini It is truly the most pressing issue on the national agenda

@gwarek: Girl’s new boyfriend not l33t enough for her parents: (CollegeHumor video)

@jonburgerman Bad jokes are almost as good as good ones.…

@nijay’s favourite tweets

@paulbradshaw: 2 random stats: 70% of newspapers are sold before 10am; 50% of magazine buyers buy on impulse (PDF)

@MrsPBoutique: Answer is a millionairre who ‘as a woman I can kill quite easy’. My cabbie has it all planned out #twago LOL

@itsnicethat …Photographer Nils Jorgensen… captures moments and coincidences beautifully.

@banpuppyfarmsuk: #banpuppyfarming SO SAD BUT SO TRUE. PLEASE RT.

@MrTomasz’s favourite tweets

@strutting When you’re feeling down, I want to be the one who feels you up.

@thepetnet Today’s #petoftheday is Lady Binkleton, owned by @special_noodles . Hat’s off to Lady Binkleton.

@qubemedia Facebook takes on Google and the Isle of Man has never been so close to a Natural Disaster!


Happy Twiday Afternoon!

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The Qubites favrouite tweets from the past week 🙂

(Also do you like the awesome logo I made? Looks like something from “My first lesson in Microsoft Paint”…it will do for now I guess, if you can make me a better one please do! As you can see my design skills leave a lot to be desired. So help your good friend Glenn out and email him a better Twiday Logo)

@glennw‘s favourites

@willmcinnes: First time in a long time: I wrote a blog post on Feedback, Culture, Web stuff and the Individual.

@ja2ke: Trailer for new Coen Bros film “A Serious Man” is pretty much the best

@warchildUK: Contrary to popular belief, none of our staff in Congo have even heard of Um-Bongo, let alone drink it.

@mrtomasz‘s favourites

@glennw Holy sh*t the pier is on fire!

@maxwellinever Woop woop, it’s the sound of the police (community support officers) #classichiphopupdated

@abigvictory My OCD daughter forgot to set the DVR for the show about OCD and now she’s freaking out about freaking out about missing the show.

@monawalsh‘s favourites

(from various) For all Brightonians – there’s going to be a flypast today: – #Brighton

@qubemedia: Back in my day we didn’t have any of this internet thing (5 of the best)

@nijay‘s favourites

@rapella: We iz dead. yo @Sweena

@leapfrogg: New blog post: How 24 Year Old Girls Consume Media

My absolute favourite #twago twicpic for the photo map so far…RT: @twago @joecoyne Found near the palace pier


@fionajane‘s favourites

@joecoyne need to chill? this is beautiful Nice way to end my day 🙂

@seelpod‘s favourites

@twhume perfect storm of worried, tired, f*cked off and feeling out of touch.

@special_noodles just got on the bus behind a woman who was mooing to herself #twago