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Bad jokes are almost as good as good ones (Twiday)

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The Qubites favrouite tweets from the past week.

@glennw’s favourite tweets

@TheGreatBundini It is truly the most pressing issue on the national agenda

@gwarek: Girl’s new boyfriend not l33t enough for her parents: (CollegeHumor video)

@jonburgerman Bad jokes are almost as good as good ones.…

@nijay’s favourite tweets

@paulbradshaw: 2 random stats: 70% of newspapers are sold before 10am; 50% of magazine buyers buy on impulse (PDF)

@MrsPBoutique: Answer is a millionairre who ‘as a woman I can kill quite easy’. My cabbie has it all planned out #twago LOL

@itsnicethat …Photographer Nils Jorgensen… captures moments and coincidences beautifully.

@banpuppyfarmsuk: #banpuppyfarming SO SAD BUT SO TRUE. PLEASE RT.

@MrTomasz’s favourite tweets

@strutting When you’re feeling down, I want to be the one who feels you up.

@thepetnet Today’s #petoftheday is Lady Binkleton, owned by @special_noodles . Hat’s off to Lady Binkleton.

@qubemedia Facebook takes on Google and the Isle of Man has never been so close to a Natural Disaster!


What the F**k is social media and why does your sandwich bore me? (5 of the best)

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Our favourite social media stories from the past week and  5 other random things that may or may not be interesting.

5 of the best

Sport driven

Sport driven is an online community for sport teams to find sponsorship and advertising and vice versa. Social media and online communities are a fantastic way of putting people together with similar interests or goals. Good luck to Sport Driven and we hope to see more from them soon. (Found via springwise)

On Feedback, Web Technology, Culture and the Individual

Are you thinking about “the impending age of feedback”? You probably should be, read this article to find out why and how drastically it could change everything.

What the F**k is social media: One Year Later

This is a really well put together presentation, full of great facts (and some good laughs to). Well worth checking out whether you are a social media marketer or new to the whole thing.

Playing Together: What Games Can Learn from Social Software

This talk explores how the games we play for fun can learn from the networks and tools we use to communicate. Since this talk Microsoft have announced that they will be adding Facebook and Twitter intergration into their Xbox 360 console and this may lead to game intergration. I will apologise in advance if I start tweeting video replays of my  “amazing” goals in Fifa.

Jam Legend

Jam Legend is a social network for jamming. The site revolves around a “Guitar Hero” style game where players can play on their own or against each other with a variety of songs. Users can even upload their own songs to play with. This is another great example of a platform that is pulling together users around a common interest and allowing them to interact with their music and each other.

5 of the rest

Emails from crazy people

Another great email exchange from the people that bought us “7 legged spider

Sandwich Design

You will never want to eat a normal triangle sandwich again!

Scientific Speed Reading: How to Read 300% Faster in 20 Minutes

If you read this blog you could read @mrtomasz‘s tweets in 0.0034 seconds. Probably.

DIY Kyoto

This amazing little device tells you how much energy you are using in your house. So not only could it save you money but it looks pretty stylish too. I want one!

Video Interview With Moon Director Duncan Jones

If you haven’t seen Moon go watch it now! I will wait…

…you seen it? Amazing wasnt it! Now watch the video interview with David Bowie’s very talented son 🙂