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Facebook takes on Google and the Isle of Man has never been so close to a Natural Disaster! (5 of the best)

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Our favourite social media stories from the past week and  5 other random things that may or may not be interesting.

5 of the best

Facebook in challenge to Google

Revealed: why Facebook acquired FriendFeed

Facebook acquires Friendfeed

The big news this week was that Friendfeed was snapped up by Facebook straight from under Google’s nose and we have not one, but two articles about the event.

99 Designs

99 designs is a site for designers to find clients. Competitions are set up with a brief and cash prize and designers then enter their ideas for a logo or design. It is a great way for a designer to build a portfolio, find clients and make some money at the same time. A good example of how the web and social networks can bring people together who may otherwise not have met.

The legend of the Witch lives on

In amongst the possiblity of a “true” Blair Witch project story is an interesting story about an internet marketing campaign. Funny to think how inventive having a fictional website for your movie was, but 10 years ago was one of the first. Now entire marketing campaigns have been built around crossing fiction with reality.

5 social media campaign killers

5 reasons your social media campaign might die!

A tinythread

A very simple looking website that allows you to create conversation threads that can be commented on using your twitter account. Will be interesting to see if it takes off.

5 of the rest


The rules are simple; get from one wikipedia article to another in as few clicks as possible by using the hyperlinks within the articles. Take on a random challenge or set one for yourself. Can anyone beat my score of 4 for Isle of Man to Natural Disaster.

23 Badly Placed Internet Ads

23 internet ads that probably shouldn’t have appeared on the pages they did.

Hurrah Bah

A weird and slightly surreal selection of images and text. I am not quite sure what to make of it…but I can’t help but read it.

When feminism went nuts

Has our society given up on feminism? What does the current generation think of the treatment of women in the modern day world?

Invisible Hand

Finally we have a Firefox plugin to help you bargain hunters out there! Have been using this for a week or so now and I have been quite impressed. Mainly because unlike a lot of Firefox plugins this one is really unobtrusive.


Happy Twiday Afternoon!

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The Qubites favrouite tweets from the past week 🙂

(Also do you like the awesome logo I made? Looks like something from “My first lesson in Microsoft Paint”…it will do for now I guess, if you can make me a better one please do! As you can see my design skills leave a lot to be desired. So help your good friend Glenn out and email him a better Twiday Logo)

@glennw‘s favourites

@willmcinnes: First time in a long time: I wrote a blog post on Feedback, Culture, Web stuff and the Individual.

@ja2ke: Trailer for new Coen Bros film “A Serious Man” is pretty much the best

@warchildUK: Contrary to popular belief, none of our staff in Congo have even heard of Um-Bongo, let alone drink it.

@mrtomasz‘s favourites

@glennw Holy sh*t the pier is on fire!

@maxwellinever Woop woop, it’s the sound of the police (community support officers) #classichiphopupdated

@abigvictory My OCD daughter forgot to set the DVR for the show about OCD and now she’s freaking out about freaking out about missing the show.

@monawalsh‘s favourites

(from various) For all Brightonians – there’s going to be a flypast today: – #Brighton

@qubemedia: Back in my day we didn’t have any of this internet thing (5 of the best)

@nijay‘s favourites

@rapella: We iz dead. yo @Sweena

@leapfrogg: New blog post: How 24 Year Old Girls Consume Media

My absolute favourite #twago twicpic for the photo map so far…RT: @twago @joecoyne Found near the palace pier


@fionajane‘s favourites

@joecoyne need to chill? this is beautiful Nice way to end my day 🙂

@seelpod‘s favourites

@twhume perfect storm of worried, tired, f*cked off and feeling out of touch.

@special_noodles just got on the bus behind a woman who was mooing to herself #twago

Some simple steps to keep you and your children safe online

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After seeing the recent hack on twitter had been nothing more than a patient man with an understanding of the internet, I got to thinking about my own security.

It was fairly common practice to hack a friends email account when I was at school and you don’t need any complicated tools, usually just knowledge of their mothers maiden name or birthplace was enough to get past the “secret question”. How difficult is it to find that information in this day and age?

I am not as addicted to Linkedin and Facebook as some people (Twitter is my vice) but if you can see my profile you can glimmer potentially useful information. If you can find a photo of me with one of my grandparents or see if my mother has a brother you could quite easily work out her maiden name.

So without much effort you could know my mother’s maiden name, my DoB and my email address as well as the city I live in.

For most people a combination of those things could be enough to answer a “secret question” and obtain or change a password.

In today’s age of always online and always open plenty of young people are recording everything they do online. In a few years time it probably won’t be much of a stretch for me to find out your “first pet’s name” or “mother’s birthplace”. Going more extreme than that I could probably build a portfolio about you, what music you like, who your friends are, where you live and when you are not at home.

Scaremongering aside it is important to think about your online security and what you keep online. If you have children, don’t now go and demand they delete any sensitive information or ban them from talking about their lives on Facebook. Instead educate them on why elements of privacy are important. There are simple steps that will not encroach on their usage of social networks.

Simple things like making sure “secret questions” are genuinely secret and that privacy settings are set so that only genuine friends can see private information. Don’t just add anyone who sends a friend request, message them back first and ask who they are.

Don’t feel you need to close the shutters on social networks, they are all about being social and sharing. Young people of today lead very open lives online and just need to be aware of what they are putting online and who can see it. The best way to calm any fears of safety of young people on line is to start using the networks they are using, gain an actual understanding of how the privacy settings work and how they communicate.

Glenn is a 22 year old social media-ite and a very recent “young person”

Back in my day we didnt have any of this internet thing (5 of the best)

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Our best social media stories and  5 other random things that may or may not be interesting.

5 of the best

Yes, Your Social Media Strategy Needs Design

Duct tape and bubble gum will only go so far. You need to approach your Social Media from a design point of view.

Three Instantly Effective Social Media Ideas

Here a three ideas that you could use to get started in social media. There are also some great examples of them in practice.

Social media: myth versus reality

Debunking some popular myths about Social Media. I don’t agree with all of the “myths” such as “Social media is about conversations,” but on the whole it is an interesting read.

Social web literacy and brands

iCrossing deliver a really good presentation on social media literacy! Have a read and a flick through.

What Social Media Can and Can’t Do for You

What can social media do for you?

5 of the rest

100 Things Your Kids May Never Know About

“Back in my day we had….” is a popular phrase of grand parents, so take a glimpse at what you will be ending the sentence with when you come of age.

iPhone App Tests Sobriety By Asking Users to “Walk the Line”

Can you walk the line? Here is an iPhone app to test when you are too drunk. If I was too drunk to walk in a straight line I doubt I would be able to find the app. Still, could be fun.

Drunk Yoga

Even the homeless of the world find time for relaxing exercise, what’s your excuse!?

555 KUBIK | facade projection

So this is what a house dreaming looks like!

How 31 Year Olds Consume Media

A funny tongue in cheek response to Morgans Stanleys recent report on how 15 year olds use media. Also check out how 24 year old girls consume media from our friends at Leapfrogg.

Can you pay people to change?

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I saw an interesting story on BBC news this morning about new government initiative to target smokers in Dundee. In what feels like a last ditch attempt to stop people smoking, they have now decided to pay those who can pass a non smoking test each week with £12.50 towards their weekly groceries.  It makes sense in a recession to see the value in any monetary incentive, but will it be enough to shift those ingrained smoking behaviours?  Their initial findings say yes (after 3 months) but most social theory would suggest no.

As an ex smoker myself, I was just commenting the other day how fast I thought the shift in my own behaviour (and that of others around me) had been.  That now, when someone lights up – or asks to light up – there is an undertone of social disgust and exclusion.   I don’t know when this shift happened but it quite obviously did – without any monetary incentive or monetary penalty levied.

Results Fast Please!

As a social media agency the objectives behind most campaigns – even those not specifically about social change – is to have some influence on people’s attitudes and behaviours so the question about how to achieve that often leads into a conversation about incentives.   Clients (and people in general) always want results fast so it’s all too easy to take the monetary route to either encourage participation in a community or encourage a direct shift in behaviour.    But we need to remind ourselves why we are using social media or social marketing techniques in the first place. We bought into the fact that communication is more effective when delivered within a social context – that social influence has greater impact than both corporate/government or monetary influence.


The guys at Freakanomics proved just that when they wrote about an economic experiment undertaken with tardy parents. To try and stop parents from picking up their kids late from school they proposed a fine of $3 per child.  The result? Late pick up went up! Parents thought they were paying for the privilege, they had turned the whole thing into a market transaction instead of a social one and it had royally backfired.

Talking about backfiring, I was amused to read a post today on Mumsnet related to the Dundee Smoking story where mums said they would start smoking and then prove they have quit just to get the extra £50 a month!  Insight direct from the public at large about the holes in this social change initiative – are the government listening to this buzz online?

Figuring out what makes them tick

I wouldn’t count out monetary incentives at all; relevant prizes are always nice to reward participation as long as they are used sparingly and alongside other social incentives.   Feverbee did a neat post about the many options to incentivise social communities online but the key really, as always, is to start with insight into the people you are trying to influence. Understanding their needs, values, motivations and social norms will help you put together an incentive strategy that delivers your desired objective.

Cross the Daily Mail’s palm with silver

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I love social media, and hate racism. Which is why I was particularly pleased when this delightfully xenophobic poll courtesy of the Daily Mail swung right back round and hit them in the face thanks to good ol’ Twitter.

The poll asks whether or not gipsies should be allowed to jump the NHS waiting list. Whether or not they should or even if the poll is politically correct is not really what I’m interested in though.

What I am interested in is how viral the poll has gone and how quickly it has achieved it. People have been sending the link around the interweb to skew the results and show the Daily Mail up. As I’m writing this, there have been 190+ retweets of it in the past 20 minutes, and it is currently number 5 on trending topics. Social Media is such a powerful tool that when people get up in arms about something, big things can happen, such as giving the impression that Daily Mail readers are perhaps more liberal minded than most may think.

I hope another paper prints a story tomorrow about how Daily Mail readers think gipsies should go straight to the front of NHS waiting list. Yay social media.Picture 1

5 of the best and 5 of the rest: Run for your lives it’s RUBBERDUCKZILLA!

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5 of the best and 5 of the rest has arrived to save you from a miserable wet day and bring a little bit of joy and knowledge to your otherwise mundane life.

5 of the best

Twitter Fall

Lay back and watch the tweets just roll in. A very visual way to check out a trending topic or any other Twitter search term you wish.

Joke review boosts T-shirt sales

This was going to be in 5 of the rest but I thought it was far too important to be associated with that drivel. A social media campaign, started by users, that increased sales by 2,300%, surely that is every businesses dream? Not so for some people it seems “We appreciate humour as much as the next company, but we don’t approve of some of the remarks.” That said I think they are probably a little happy deep down.

Negative ads may not be nice, but they work

Now this isn’t very social! It seems that businesses are doing well from knocking their rivals. Time to put it to the test; did you know @mrtomasz is a boring rambling fool and that @glennw is much more interesting! You do now.


Ever thought about recreating your favourite social media logos in Heltavica. Well some lovely chap has gone to the trouble so you dont have to!

Spam Is Back, With a (Social Networking) Vengeance

Guess who’s back, back again, spam is back, tell a friend. If you haven’t noticed yet spam has been invading our social networking spaces as well as our inbox. I look forward to plenty more followers called @O4CGX2

5 of the rest


I’ve posted a couple of augmented reality tools before but this is be far the best! Make sure you print out the magic symbol (there is a very helpful instructional video if you click “How to play”)

Unemployed Gray

Our good friend @graemebenstead is settling into the life of unemployment with style. Check out the video, oh and tell your friends, see if we can just get him a couple more views.


This little robot is so cute! An art student decided to find out if she could get a robot from one side of the park to the other, with the help of strangers. The little cardboard chap could only go forwards so strangers would have to help point him in the right direction to make his goal.

Office Supplies Challenge: Liquid Fuel Rocket

Dont try this at home! (or at work) so tempting though!

A close-knit community: Meet the ladies who’ve spent years stitching their entire Kent village

I cant believe I was so quick to dismiss the Daily Mail. They have almost won me back over with this great piece of investigative journalism. By almost won me over, I mean I will still never read the paper and will vilify it in public, but I will tell people they once did a great story on knitting.